Dr. Paulson Talks Teeth At Lakes Area Montessori Center

Dr. Paulson Talks Teeth

Dr. Paulson and our dental care team from Arbor Dental Associates recently paid a visit to Lakes Area Montessori Center. Dr. Paulson spent time teaching the children proper flossing and brushing techniques for lifelong oral health. Dr. Paulson knows that for healthy teeth and gums, oral hygiene has to start from an early age. The children of Lakes Area Montessori Center did a great job showing our team their amazing brushing and flossing skills.

Dr. Paulson also led some hands-on activities to show the reality of their sugar intake from certain beverages and foods. The children got to see what cavities look like on a tooth using a magnifying glass and got their own oral hygiene kit. We want to thank the children and teachers for a great afternoon of oral health!
Back to school dental care, Novi, MI

Hands On Children’s Learning Lab

Novi, MI Arbor Dental Associates offers comprehensive pediatric dental services for a lifetime of functional, healthy and beautiful smiles. Our hands-on learning lab helps kids learn about the importance of a healthy diet, and clean teeth. We encourage parents to get their children involved with their oral health from a very early age to encourage life-long hygiene habits that will support a stable oral foundation. Visits to the dentist from an early age can also help your child build a healthy patient-dentist relationship, making biannual visits an event they look forward to.

Dr. Paulson is a highly trained and experienced dentist. He provides comprehensive and personalized dental care for patients during all stages of oral development. Our family dentist office serves patients of all ages in Novi, MI and surrounding communities. We are your one stop dental practice for your entire families oral health needs. Contact our office or schedule your visit online.