A Guide Through Complete Dentistry

Don’t fall for the belief that every dentist is the same. Dentists dedicate years of training to acquire a facet of technical skills and experience, which makes them each unique in their own right. In dentistry, a specific dentist may specialize in a certain aspect of dentistry; some dentists may focus on cosmetic dentistry, while another may focus on treating complex dental problems. As a potential patient, it is important to find an experienced, well-rounded dentist who possesses the knowledge and skill necessary to improve your smile.

As a graduate of the esteemed The Dawson Academy, Novi, MI dentist Dr. Christopher Paulson has adopted the principles of complete dentistry to provide patients with treatment that addresses any underlying dental issues that may be affecting their oral health. Complete Dentistry is an idea in dentistry that aims to preserve the natural function and health of the teeth. Through complete dentistry, Dr. Paulson focuses on analyzing and evaluating ALL parts of the occlusal system: teeth, gums and jaw joints. By examining all components of the occlusal system, Dr. Paulson can make a more informed decision on your treatment and plan accordingly. Underlying dental problems like bite disorders, TMJ, and other dental problems may cause a range of uncomfortable, and sometimes painful symptoms. Through complete dentistry, we can effectively treat your symptoms and provide much-needed relief.

At Arbor Dental Associates, we strive to provide dental care that addresses any of your dental concerns. Dr. Paulson addresses any underlying dental problems in hopes of creating a strong, healthy foundation, which can minimize your chance of developing more complex dental problems in the future.

Arbor Dental Associates: Who We Are

As passionate, experienced dentists, Dr. Paulson and Dr. Holman are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to each of our patients. We focus on preventive dentistry and patient education to equip patients with the tools they need to maintain a healthy smile. We also take the time to listen to your dental concerns, provide a comprehensive exam, and answer any questions regarding your oral health.

At Arbor Dental Associates, we don’t take the conventional approach in dentistry; instead, we use complete dentistry to identify any underlying issues, plan a treatment that addresses any advanced dental problems, and efficiently execute a treatment plan that provides patients with predictable and functional results.

Dr. Paulson and Dr. Holman are highly trained, knowledgeable dentists that put their patients first. Whether you need a routine preventive care visit or want to address specific dental concerns, we work with you to give you the dental care you need. We welcome patients to visit our Novi, MI dental office. Patients can schedule an appointment online.

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