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At Arbor Dental Associates in Novi, MI, we care about our patients and work with them to improve their oral health and their overall health. What many patients don’t realize is that your oral health and physical health are connected. As experienced dentists, Dr. Paulson and Dr. Holman strive to educate patients on the importance of taking care of their oral health. Poor oral health has even been linked to heart problems, diabetes, and other serious health conditions, so it is vital that you take your oral health seriously.

Dr. Christopher Paulson and Dr. Lindsay Holman encourage patients to visit their Novi, Mi dental office at least twice a year for a routine dental exam. Routine dental visits allow Dr. Paulson and Dr. Holman to spot any early warning signs of complex issues like gum disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay. Our team believes in educating patients on the proper ways to improve their oral and overall health. During your visit, we can explore ways to improve your oral health and live a healthy lifestyle.

At Arbor Dental Associates we offer a variety of products that can improve the health of your smile and your body. We offer products likes like Evoraplus, OralDNA Testing, Juice Plus+, and Ortho Molecular Products. If you want to learn more about our oral health products, contact our Novi, Mi dental office.

Products We Offer


Evorapro Oral Probiotics is an easy to use and natural probiotic that is used to encourage the production of healthy bacteria in the mouth. Naturally, Evorapro Oral Probiotics supports teeth and gum health as well as whiten teeth and freshen the breath. With daily use, Evorapro oral probiotics replenish healthy bacteria in the mouth which encourages a healthy balance between the teeth, gums, and your overall oral health.


Oral DNA Testing can be used to uncover oral and overall health concerns. Dr. Paulson and Dr. Holman can create a more detailed treatment based on the results from Oral DNA Testing.  With a sample of a patients saliva, your dentist may be able to better diagnose dental issues like gum disease, which are commonly under diagnosed. OralDNA® saliva testing can allow Dr. Paulson and Dr, Holman to catch gum disease in its earliest stages, allowing patients to receive the treatment they need to restore their smile and improve their oral health. OralDNA® saliva testing can also detect Oral HPV which has been linked to an increased risk of oral cancer. OralDNA® saliva testing allows for more detailed results, allowing your dentist to provide the right solution for your health.


Juice Plus+ offers a wider range of products that can support a healthy diet. Juice Plus+ uses 48 different vegetables, fruits, and grains to create capsules, chewable, shakes, and bars to support a healthy diet and lifestyle. Juice Plus+ uses high quality, healthy ingredients to give your body the vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishment it needs to function. Juice Plus+ is great for patients on the go, and they offer a wide range of products, so patients can enjoy the benefit of discovering which product works best for them. If you have any question about Juice Plus+, contact Arbor Dental Associates.


Dr. Paulson is a licensed provider of Ortho Molecular Products in Novi, MI. We offer a range of products to help support your oral health, body, and nutrition. If you have any questions regarding Ortho Molecular Products, schedule an appointment at Arbor Dental Associates.

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