Are Implants What You’ve Been Missing?

Are you feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth? Has someone told you your only way to a healthy confident smile is a set of dentures? Discover why a dental implant may be the best option to restore your smile. You may decide to join the many patients who have already chosen this simple, relatively painless path to the smile they want.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

A dental implant offers you a permanent solution to fill in the gap in your smile left by missing teeth. A dental implant procedure begins with the embedding tiny titanium post in the jaw. This post secures the your crown, replacing the root of the missing tooth as it stimulates the growth of health jawbone. Onto that post Dr. Christopher Paulson of Arbor Dental Associates will attach a dental crown. The crown is an artificial tooth constructed from realistic-looking material that fills in the gap in your smile.

Dr. Paulson’s early dental experience was working at a laboratory that created these implants so he has great skill in matching your new crown to your natural teeth. Your implant not only restores the natural appearance of your teeth but also returns them to greater functioning. Most patients recommend implants because they look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth and need never be removed for cleaning. The cost of dental implants is more than other options but their many benefits make them worth the extra expense.

What’s the Procedure To Place Them?

The placement process for dental implants is a fairly simple (for most patients; more on that in a moment) procedure that is only minimally invasive and leaves only a little post-procedure discomfort and sometimes none at all. As mentioned previously, for most patients, the placement process is very simple, but for some complex cases, the procedure may need to be completed over the span of several months. However, patients that Dr. Paulson deems appropriate can actually walk out the same day with an implant filling the gap in their smile. Thanks to advances in dentistry, same day dental implants are becoming the norm.

Dr. Paulson will need to evaluate you for placement of your implant. If your jawbone structure is healthy and full enough, you can have the have the implant at any time. If not, your jawbone will need to be built up with bone grafts, which will unfortunately increase the cost. Once the implant is attached to the jawbone, it will gradually fuse to the bone over the next few months, making it fully stable. Once the implant site is healed, you will again have a complete smile that looks, acts, and feels just like your natural teeth.

Care and Maintenance

Dental implants are easy to care for. In fact, their maintenance is exactly the same as caring for your natural teeth. Simply follow these basic oral health guidelines from Dr. Paulson:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily, including the implant.
  • Floss between and around your natural teeth and the implant.
  • Discuss with Dr. Paulson any tooth grinding or clenching habits
  • Schedule and keep regular professional check-ups and cleanings

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