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Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Crooked Teeth?

At Dr. Jasmine Yousif and Dr. Christopher Paulson of Arbor Dental Associates in Novi, MI, you can receive cosmetic dentistry to fix your smile. Read on to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and the treatment options available to you.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Both new and former cosmetic dentistry patients in Novi, MI who are not satisfied with their smile now have more options than ever before. The appearance of a patient’s mouth, teeth, and gums can be adjusted in a number of ways. Veneers, fillings, implants, and teeth whitening are common procedures that can be performed by cosmetic dentistry professionals in Novi, MI.

While these procedures are not always considered to be essential, they can serve a very important function for many patients. After all, there is no way to put a price on having a strong level of confidence in your smile.

When To Schedule a Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

There are a number of reasons to schedule a visit to Christopher Paulson Arbor Dental Associates, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures. Whether a cosmetic dentistry patient in Novi, MI is experiencing tooth decay, cracking, chipping, crookedness, misshapen teeth, missing teeth, or unwanted discoloration, there are a variety of procedures that can address the problems at hand.

If these problems are starting to affect a patient’s ability to eat or speak, it is definitely time to schedule an appointment. Other patients may start to experience a decrease in their self-esteem because of issues that can be addressed by cosmetic dentistry professionals.

What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do For Me?

Many procedures are available, depending on the specific issue that the patient is experiencing. Teeth whitening is a very common and typically inexpensive procedure that can remove built-up food stains. Dental veneers are another common way to address issues with teeth that are closely associated with damaged enamel and long-term crookedness. Gaps can be fixed with the same procedure.

Dental crowns are used to cover up teeth that are decayed or damaged. They can be used to cover up for other procedures, such as root canals or dental bridges. Dental bonding is another great way for a patient to repair decay or chipping in their teeth. The American Dental Association did a survey back in 2015, which showed that at least 1 out of every 3 young people is scared to show their teeth when they smile.

The same survey states that 23 percent of adults have scaled back their participation in social events because they are nervous about their smiles. This is where having access to an experienced cosmetic dentistry provider is of the utmost importance. If you would like to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help your smile, please contact Dr. Yousif and Dr. Paulson of Arbor Dental Associates at 248-468-4962 as soon as possible.

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