Childrens Learning Lab

childrens dental learning lab novi mi

As family dentists, we see every day the benefits of maintaining oral health for a lifetime of comfortable, functional smiles. Good oral hygiene and a dedication to routine dental care begins at an early age.

We have established a Children’s Learning Lab program at Arbor Dental Associates in Novi, MI to provide young patients with an early opportunity to learn the “how” and the “why” of dental care in a fun filled, hands on experience.

childrens dental learning lab novi mi

Understanding what the dentist does when taking care of their teeth in a play oriented, non threatening environment can alleviate the common fears and anxiety that children often feel when coming in for a hygiene appointment.

childrens dental learning lab novi mi

Participants will work with our dental hygienists during their visit to learn about proper tooth brushing and flossing, the anatomy of a tooth and the many benefits of a healthy diet.

Incorporating interactive play, hands on learning and fun prizes to take home, we hope to inspire the next generation of dental professionals.

The Children’s Learning Lab will be offered throughout the year- keep an eye on our website or our Facebook page for updates and registration information.

Click here to download our program brochure.

Dentistry & Your Child’s Health

A lifetime of healthy smiles starts the moment that first tooth breaks through the gums. Gently wiping these first teeth with a clean cloth introduces your baby to the concepts and experiences of oral hygiene, making them a familiar part of their day and setting the stage for healthy habits as they grow.

Dr. Paulson recommends that parents or caregivers bring infants in for their first dental visit once this has occurred to familiarize them with our dentist office and begin monitoring the development of the primary teeth. Early detection of dental problems can often reduce the need for more complex dental care down the road and will support normal speech development. Dr. Paulson offers pediatric dental services for the young patient, including dental sealants, orthodontics and custom mouth guards for tooth protection during contact sports.

Routine dental care goes beyond keeping your child’s smile healthy, playing an ever growing part in their overall health and well being. Dr. Paulson and his staff watch for the early oral signs of disease as your child grows, including systemic concerns such as diabetes. As your child’s dentist, Dr. Paulson respects his role in helping them to live a healthy lifestyle and incorporates age appropriate patient education on the benefits of oral hygiene, routine dentistry and good nutrition.

Click the images below for our infant and toddler oral health brochures.

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