The replacement of a full arch or complete set of teeth has often left patients with less than natural results and growing discomfort or frustration with poorly fitting dentures. Dr. Paulson works with edentulous patients or those facing a complete loss of their natural teeth to find a solution that is stable, comfortable and affordable. Today’s patients enjoy a wider range of options that can restore natural chewing function and aesthetics using dental implants to secure a denture or dental bridge.

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Implant Dentures: What To Expect

Dr. Paulson is an experienced dentist and former dental lab technician. He has an extensive and in-depth understanding of both how dental restorations are made and how they interact with your natural oral tissue. He will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth and jaw joints to look for any concerns related to the fit of the bite and the integrity of both gum and bone tissue. A thorough understanding of your overall dental health plays a key role in the development of a personalized plan of treatment that can meet all of your needs and support your long-term oral health.

Dr. Paulson will discuss your personal concerns when it comes to both the aesthetics of your new smile and your budget. We want your treatment to meet your oral health and cosmetic needs in an affordable manner. You will be presented with a complete outline of recommended treatment options, complete cost and an expected timeline for your consideration. Once a decision has been made, we will schedule the necessary visits to complete each step in the process. Dr. Paulson works closely with a local oral surgeon on all types of dental implant procedures. We will coordinate both the surgical and restorative dental appointments for your convenience and follow up to ensure that your care and recovery goes as expected.

The number of dental implants used to secure your new hybrid denture will depend on the structure and health of your jaw bone. When replacing a full set of missing teeth, Dr. Paulson will provide options for securing one or both dentures to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Our goal is to educate patients on their potential treatment options and help them evaluate the benefits of each to meet oral health, cosmetic and budget-related goals. In this way, patients can make informed decisions about their oral health for the best possible outcome.

The surgical phase will require a 3-6 month healing period during which the newly implanted titanium post will integrate with the jaw bone. Once all tissues are healed, we will schedule your dental impressions for use in making a custom fit denture. A temporary denture may be placed while you wait so that you can try on your new smile and the gum tissue can slowly adjust to the new appliance.

Why Choose Implant Supported Dentures?

Although the process is often more costly and involved up front, the long term benefits of implant secured dentures can outweigh these factors. Dr. Paulson will discuss how using dental implants can positively impact your daily quality of life and your oral health:

  • Reduced bone loss in the jaw: implanted posts stabilize bone tissue and minimize changes in the shape of the jaw.
  • Stable, secure bite: your new denture will be permanently attached for a confident, fully functional smile.
  • Normal speech and natural chewing: patients can enjoy a varied diet and speak clearly and confidently.
  • No use of daily adhesives: we will provide instructions for daily oral hygiene but there is no need for the use of adhesives.

Schedule A Consultation

The first step is a consultation with Dr. Paulson to evaluate your oral health and discuss your goals for restoring a beautiful new smile. Contact us at (248) 468-4962 or request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you get back to smiling again with confidence and enjoying your best quality of life.