restorative dentist for dental implants novi miMissing teeth impact your life in many ways and eventually compromise the integrity of your smile, affecting everything from gums to remaining teeth. The continued development of dental implants means that patients now have a range of options that can give them back a smile that looks and feels like it has always been there.

Replacing a complete set of teeth can now be accomplished in one day using detailed advanced planning and a coordination of efforts between Novi dentist Dr. Christopher Paulson and our local oral surgical partner. Your new smile will be secure, comfortable and restore natural function with the strategic use of dental implants and a hybrid cosmetic denture. Our teamwork approach means that patients enjoy the highest standard of consistent care and all phases of treatment are performed in our Novi dentist office.

Advanced Planning for Best Results

The key to the best possible outcome is treatment planning that includes CT scans, digital images, and impressions- all of which are used in the strategic placement of your dental implants to maximize healthy jaw bone. Supporting your new denture, dental implants will also help to reduce bone shrinkage and loss in the jaw by effectively replacing the lost tooth roots. Dr. Paulson works closely with our surgical partner to evaluate your dental health, create a personalized treatment plan and coordinate all steps in your procedure so that your results are predictable and lasting.

dentist in novi mi for dental implants

Leave Our Office With A Smile

After treatment planning and analysis is complete, we will schedule a day for you to come in for the final placement of your new smile. This visit will include the surgical placement of your new implants and the attachment of a new temporary denture. You will leave our office with a comfortable, functional new smile that will restore your ability to eat and speak normally. The temporary denture will remain in place during the healing phase so that the gums and soft tissues to stabilize. This allows natural changes in the fit of your bite to take place before the final denture is fitted, providing a healthier and more stable long term outcome.

In about 3-6 months, depending on your personal healing time, we will take impressions for the fabrication of a custom cosmetic denture. This will be permanently attached to your new implants and offer years of natural function and beautiful smiles. Dr. Paulson will provide personalized instructions for caring for your new smile, taking into consideration any unique concerns or risk factors you may have for common dental related problems.