Complete Dentistry

Dr. Christoher Paulson is a graduate of the Dawson Academy and has incorporated the principles of complete dentistry into our Novi, MI dentist office. Focused on the function and fit of the natural bite, complete dentistry has improved the overall patient experience with a thorough approach to dental care and lasting results.

What is Complete Dentistry?


The Dawson Academy post graduate curriculum teaches a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment known as complete dentistry. Using a set of guiding principles, Dr. Paulson performs a thorough evaluation of ALL parts of the occlusal system: teeth, gums and jaw joints. The goal is to provide dental care that aims to achieve a healthy, functional and comfortable bite. This provides a stable oral foundation to reduce the risk of tooth damage and other dental health concerns that are the result of an imbalance in the bite. Dr. Paulson is committed to personalized dental care for patients of all ages with an emphasis on disease prevention and the establishment of a healthy bite.

Complete dentistry can avoid the need for repeat treatment by addressing underlying concerns related to the function of the bite. If the teeth are not making proper contact or the jaw joints are not aligned naturally, this instability often leads to an increased risk of tooth damage, TMJ disorders, and other dental concerns. Addressing any underlying dental problems as part of your overall treatment leads to natural aesthetics, normal bite function, and long term results.

Why Choose Dr. Paulson?

We know there are many local dentists and strive to set our Novi dentist office apart with the highest standard of dental care delivered in a personalized, compassionate manner. Dr. Paulson works with patients on an individual basis to develop a lasting doctor-patient relationship built on trust and communication. We take the time to get to know your unique risk factors for common dental concerns and help you meet your goals with conservative dentistry.

From routine preventive dental care to treatment for complex concerns, Dr. Paulson applies the concepts of complete dentistry for a lasting smile that feels good and looks great. Call today! For new patients: (248) 468-4962  /   For existing patients: (248) 553-9393

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