As a dentist, I think we change people’s lives by building strong personal relationships, while improving overall health, quality of life, and confidence. We just happen to do it with dentistry!

My Path

I started my professional life just out of high school as a dental technician in a local laboratory. In that position I saw a lot of poor-quality dentistry and knew I could do better. I had a passion for doing the best I could as a technician and sought out the best of the best from whom I could learn the trade.

After eight years as a dental technician and going through my undergraduate studies at the University of Detroit Mercy, I decided to go to dental school. My experience as a technician put me far ahead of a normal dental student and graduate. I had spent countless hours painstakingly fabricating crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implant restorations – a level of experience that few dentists achieve. (By the way, the local dental lab where I gained those skills and knowledge is the dental lab I use today!)

In Practice

After almost 20 years of being a dentist, I have no doubt I made the right decision in going to dental school: I truly appreciate everything about my days in the office.

It is personally and professionally rewarding to connect with people. Even more fulfilling is working with each person to solve problems that have deeply impacted their lives. Being able to identify and correct issues, using minimally-invasive techniques and emphasizing lasting results, can improve a person’s confidence and overall health. That’s what I do every day!

At the same time, I equally value the conversations I have with each of my patients and love getting to know them and their families. It’s fun to hear about kids’ activities and dreams and talk with adults about their experiences, careers, and interests. Each of those exchanges broadens my world and, I think, makes me a better-rounded person and practitioner.

As my team and I emphasize a painless and stress-free experience, we make dental visits as pleasant as we can. Each member of the staff is focused on patient care and comfort, and shares the same passion for doing right by people. They make everyone feel safe, welcome, and heard. I am thrilled when a patient tells me, “I hate going to the dentist, but coming here is fun.”

Ongoing Learning

One of the most exciting aspects of dentistry, I believe, is the constantly advancing nature of the field. In-depth research leads to new techniques, innovations in technology, and developments that improve the patient experience. By keeping abreast of these new options, I identify those that will benefit patients, and incorporate the best into patient care.

In addition to studying all aspects of changes in general dentistry, I’ve sought out specialized training. I have completed hundreds of hours of study though the Dawson Academy’s Complete Curriculum for Advanced Dental Studies in restorative dental and bite issues. As an ambassador for the Dawson Academy, I run a restorative Dawson Study Club out of my practice. This involves other dentists coming in to learn advanced restorative techniques. Additionally, I am part of the Cranham Culp Digital Dental Group, which focuses on advanced digital techniques, plus the Spear Study Club and Spear Education.

Beyond Dentistry

Originally from Livonia, my family and I call Northville home. My wife Tiffany and I met in dental school; she is an endodontist. We have two incredible children: daughter Emalyn loves English riding hunter jump (horseback) and swimming, and our son Andrew loves playing hockey and football. My practice makes sports guards every year for his football team, the Northville Stallions.

Our family also includes Buddy, a Labradoodle who comes to work with me every day and is in training to be a therapy dog, plus Sophie and Minnie, our guinea pigs.

Like many of my patients, my life is centered on family. I love spending time with my kids and their hobbies, and love spending weekends making dinner and watching movies, too. We all love time at our place up north on Lake Michigan, where we kayak, fish, ski, ride four-wheelers, and enjoy camp fires on the lakeshore at Harbor Springs.