Oral Systemic Health

Visiting the dentist is important for not only maintaining a healthy and functional smile, but for enjoying the best possible overall health and well being. While your eyes may be considered a “window into the soul“, the mouth serves as a window into the health of your body. There are many systemic diseases and health concerns that show early oral signs which Dr. Christopher Paulson looks for during your preventive care visits to his Novi, MI dentist office. These include acid reflux, gum disease, diabetes, oral cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Disease prevention and patient education are two important principles serving as the foundation for your dental care at Arbor Dental Associates. During your visit, Dr. Paulson screens for periodontal disease, oral cancer and any signs of change in the soft tissues of the mouth or surface of the teeth that may indicate a developing problem. When necessary, appropriate dentistry is recommended to restore your oral health or you may be referred to your general physician to address any overall health concerns.

Dentistry & Your Health

The mouth is often the “point of entry” for many harmful bacteria that can have a detrimental effect on oral and/or overall health. The state of your oral health can have an impact on your overall health, either disrupting or enabling the flow of bacteria into the bloodstream via the gum tissue. Poor oral health has been linked to an increase in the incidence or severity of many health concerns, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In many cases, this is related to periodontal disease which has compromised the gums and fostered an environment for the growth of harmful bacteria.

Dr. Paulson emphasizes the benefits that routine dentistry can offer in the early detection of disease and provides a thorough and comprehensive screening during your regular visits to our dentist office. Regular dental care enables Dr. Paulson and his staff to become familiarized with your unique dental health needs and concerns and to effectively monitor any signs of disease or decay.

Click hereto take an online assessment of your personal risk for a variety of health concerns, and discuss your results during a consultation with Dr. Paulson or at your next routine visit.

EvoraPro® Oral Probiotics

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In addition to comprehensive dental care focused on helping our patients enjoy the best possible quality of life, Dr. Paulson and the staff of Arbor Dental Associates strive to provide personalized oral hygiene advice and recommendations.

EvoraPro® oral probiotics are specially formulated to support oral health by replenishing healthy bacteria in the mouth after a dental cleaning, treatment or procedure. EvoraPro® not only helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy, it also naturally freshens breath and whitens teeth. It has also proven to be effective in combating GI distress as a side effect of prescribed antibiotics.

This unique probiotic made specifically for your dental health is available online. Click here to place your order using the office code 600822.

OralDNA Testing

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Dr. Paulson strives to be a partner in the overall health of his patients, offering advanced screening for a wide range of dental and overall health diseases and concerns. The soft tissues and saliva in the mouth can provide clues about the health of patients, enabling Dr. Paulson and his staff to make more accurate diagnoses and provide treatment that is both targeted and effective.

Arbor Dental Associates offers OralDNA® saliva testing for use in diagnosing periodontal health concerns as well as oral HPV testing for patients considering themselves at risk. For additional information and associated fees, contact our office or ask Dr. Paulson during your next routine preventive care visit.

Juice Plus+

Our dentists recommend balancing your nutrition for optimal oral and overall health. Juice Plus+ products provide many essential nutrients to support a healthy body and immune system. Juice Plus capsules or gummies contain blends of grains, vegetables and fruits that are designed to supplement or round out a healthy diet.

Ask about out recommendations for your unique health concerns at your next dental visit.

Ortho Molecular Products

Dr. Paulson is a licensed provider of Ortho Molecular Products. This high quality brand of dietary supplements uses special formulations to support your oral health and daily nutrition. Dr. Paulson will recommend appropriate products that can benefit your specific needs or any nutritional deficiency that may be impacting the health of your teeth and gums.

CLICK HEREto see detailed information on products we often recommend or contact our office directly to place your order.

Acid Reflux & Oral Health

Acid reflux, or GERD, is a common health concern that can have an affect on your dental health. There are several factors at play for patients whop are being treated for acid reflux that can affect oral health.

When acid from the stomach is forced upwards, it not only generates discomfort in the esophagus, but can also coat the teeth and gums, leading to tooth enamel erosion. In addition, some of the common medications used to treat the “heart-burn” symptoms and reduce the production of acid cause a condition called dry mouth. Patients with consistent dry mouth are at a greater risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease due to the reduced saliva which acts as a natural rinsing agent for bacteria on the surfaces of the teeth.

Although tooth enamel erosion is not reversible, stopping the progression and restoring gum health is important to avoid more complex dental problems down the road.

Dr. Paulson will take the time to understand your medical history, health concerns and the state of your oral health. He and his staff provide personalized dental care tailored to your unique needs.

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Diabetes & Oral Health

Dr. Paulson recognizes the early oral signs that can indicate the onset of diabetes in patients who visit our office regularly. This can facilitate early care and a long term reduced risk for complications affecting eyesight and circulation.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes are at an increased risk for both periodontal disease and tooth decay as a result of changes in blood sugars which affect saliva. Many diabetic patients also suffer from dry mouth as a result of medications used to treat their condition, which also contributes to a higher incidence of tooth cavities and gum disease.

Dr. Paulson works with diabetic patients to help them restore or maintain healthy teeth and gums to prevent further complications.

Click here to take a quick online assessment of your risk for developing diabetes.

Pregnancy & Oral Health

Pregnancy brings on a host of hormonal changes that affect both overall physical health as well as oral health. An increase in blood volume and hormonal affects on soft tissue can lead to bleeding and sensitive gums.

Although gums that bleed during pregnancy are generally not a cause for concern, they are a sign that the sensitive gum tissue is weakened and at greater risk of developing an early infection known as gingivitis. Poor gum health has been linked to an increased risk for pre-term birth and low birth weight.

Dr. Paulson emphasizes the importance of maintaining your oral health during pregnancy with routine preventive care and addressing any signs of disease to avoid more complex problems.

Heart Disease & Oral Health

Scientific studies have consistently shown a link between periodontal disease and the incidence or severity of heart related disease.

Patients with poor oral health, more specifically periodontal disease, are at a significantly higher risk for coronary artery disease and strokes. Dr. Paulson strives to help patients keep their gums healthy as part of an effort to reduce the risk of both dental concerns and heart disease.

If you have been diagnosed with a heart condition or are being treated for cardiovascular disease, it is important to let us know when visiting our office. This information helps us to provide dental care tailored to your unique needs.

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