Dr. Paulson has incorporated some of the latest dental technology into his Novi, MI family dentist office in order to provide more accurate and lasting dentistry with less discomfort and down time. Dr. Paulson and the staff of Arbor Dental Associates are dedicated to providing the highest standard of dental care and the best possible patient experience.

Dr. Paulson worked as a dental lab technician prior to becoming a dentist and incorporates his in depth knowledge and understanding of this side of dentistry into his use of technology, providing a unique perspective when helping patients to restore a damaged or decayed smile. Our technology is chosen for its overall quality and ability to enhance both diagnostics and restorations, for better results in all aspects of your dental care.

About TRIOS® Technology


Dr. Paulson can design, fabricate and place high quality dental restorations using TRIOS® CAD/CAM technology, often during a single visit to our Novi, MI dentist office.

Using a small, pen-like scanner Dr. Paulson and his staff can generate high definition, 3-D digital images to be used in making a highly accurate diagnosis of your dental concern without the need for uncomfortable, messy impressions.

This technology also records and evaluates the natural color of your teeth for replication in your new dental restoration. A new dental crown will match your existing teeth and provide a comfortable fit for lasting results.

Digital Dentures



Digital Denture a complete process Thanks to digital technologies, complete dentures can be manufactured in only a few steps in a quick and predictable way. 

CAD/CAM makes this possible. A new process allows your dentist to fabricate a prosthesis from two different material discs in a dental laboratory and you will be impressed with the aesthetics: “Digital Denture”. It is a manufacturing process for the rapid digital production of removable dentures. The process integrates the treatment steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing processes in the lab. Exclusive design software and coordinated materials, combined with well-designed manufacturing strategies and the cutting-edge PrograMill milling equipment platform, provide predictable and consistent results.

Translucent and fracture-proof 
Two monolithic discs are the core of this process. SR Vivodent CAD is a material for the digital production of teeth and tooth segments. Individual teeth and dental arches can be milled or printed from these DCL discs. The material features a translucent shading and natural fluorescence. Highly esthetic results can be achieved due to the low opacity, combined with an anatomical shape and natural surface design. The discs are available in many different shades. 

Fracture-proof base 
IvoBase CAD is a denture base material. This PMMA material is known to offer high fracture resistance, durability and a homogeneous quality free of porosities or air bubbles. The denture base is milled from the disc in a single step using digital equipment. IvoBase CAD discs are available in four basic shades. The shade concept is matched to the denture base materials of Ivoclar Vivadent and covers the most popular shades. 

Saving valuable time 
Digital Denture helps doctors and patients save time compared with conventional denture fabrication methods. They benefit from shorter manufacturing times, fewer manual working steps and fewer interruptions in the workflow than with conventional procedures. In addition, it is no longer necessary to cast and articulate plaster models. Model analysis and tooth setup can be completed in considerably less time than with conventional methods. Digital Denture covers the following indications: complete dentures (upper and lower jaw), single-arch complete dentures (upper or lower jaw), duplicate complete dentures and immediate complete dentures.


Digital Cavity Screening


Dr. Paulson uses DEXIS CariVu™ to screen for tooth decay during your routine dental visits, looking for the early signs of decay that can be addressed with conservative measures to avoid a larger cavity or tooth damage. This hand held device uses trans illumination to look for very small changes in the tooth surface that are often invisible to the naked eye, allowing Dr. Paulson to monitor or treat decay in the very early stage.

Used in conjunction with routine dental x-rays, which look for additional changes in the surrounding structures and bone, Dr. Paulson obtains a comprehensive view of your oral health that provides a foundation for your personalized care at Arbor Dental Associates.

Oral Cancer Screening



Oral cancer is on the rise and can often be difficult to treat when caught in the late stages. During your routine dental exam, Dr. Paulson and his staff screen for the early warning signs of oral cancer, helping to prevent late stage diagnosis.

Dr. Paulson enhances oral cancer screening with VELscope® Vx technology. Using a hand held device, Dr. Paulson shines a fluorescent light into the oral cavity which will illuminate suspicious tissue that can indicate a possible concern.

This screening is quick, painless and can be life saving in the event that abnormal tissue is identified. Oral cancer screening is just one aspect of how routine dentistry can play an important role in your overall health and well being.

About Soft Tissue Dental Lasers



Dr. Paulson uses a soft tissue dental laser to treat a variety of dental concerns with less pain, side effects and down time.

A soft tissue laser can be used in periodontal therapy for removing bacteria in the deep pockets of the gums and stimulating the regrowth of healthy tissue. The laser can often eliminate the need for oral surgery when treating diseased gum tissue, allowing for faster healing and minimaldiscomfort during your procedure

3D printing


Dr. Chris Paulson has been a pioneer in the field of dentistry, becoming an early adopter of leading techniques and technologies that have vastly improved the patient experience and results. Dr. Paulson has incorporated advanced digital technology into our Novi, Michigan dental office.

As an experienced dentist in Novi, Michigan for restoring damaged and missing teeth, Dr. Paulson uses digital technology and 3-D printing as part of treatment planning and for creating temporary restorations for patients. 3-D printing can offer a unique and economical way to restore normal function and aesthetics while you wait for a permanent dental crown or implant to be completed in a dental lab.


Creating a 3-D printed dental restoration starts with using 3-D digital scanning. Dr. Paulson will scan your mouth and use the imagery to create a custom, highly accurate dental temporary crown or a complete tooth for placement. The 3-D printed restoration is made of a biocompatible material that is also able to be color matched with your existing teeth or natural appearance.

The restoration is placed and secured using a special temporary adhesive that can be removed when the final one is ready. Once in place, you can eat and speak normally.

How is 3-D printing beneficial?

Dr. Paulson has incorporated this new technology with the goal of improving your dental care experience and the final outcome. In-office 3-D printing is economical for patients, being less costly than other options for creating a temporary crown or tooth. This advanced technology also provides greater control over the process and the fit of the restoration for the best possible outcome.

What else can 3-D printing be used for in dentistry?

Dr. Paulson will continue to evolve the use of 3-D printing in our office due to the many applications it can have as materials and techniques are improved. In addition to creating custom temporary dental crowns and other types of restorations, we will use 3-D printing technology to improve your patient experience and offer economical alternatives when appropriate for your needs.

  • Dr. Paulson can use 3-D printing to create models for more accurate treatment planning, an important part of restorative and cosmetic treatment plans.
  • Mouthguards and splints can be created in our office using 3-D printing technology.
  • This technology is being developed to create clear aligners for addressing orthodontic needs and crooked teeth or bite problems.

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